We gathered these resources to offer new approaches, ideas, and information to those curious or struggling with issues of doubt and nonbelief.  Our goal is to meet people right where they are in their journey.

Doubt Your Beliefs? Have Questions About Changing Or Leaving Your Faith?

You Are Not Alone, And We Are Here To Help. 

Learning how to live after questions, doubts, and changing beliefs is a journey. We at Recovering from Religion are intimately familiar with this path, and we are here to help you to cross that bridge. Our passion is connecting others with support, resources, community, and most of all, hope. We have two forms of support available below: peer support and professional support.

If you are looking for help to deal with a mental health issue, we’ve compiled a list of crisis hotlines, suicide prevention, counselling, grief, depression, and addiction recovery options.

The Secular Therapist Project – Find a counselor who uses scientifically proven therapy, without inserting any supernatural views. Register as a client then contact a therapist in your area.

If you have an emergency or believe you are in a crisis situation, call 911 or your local emergency number immediately.

Together, let us celebrate our partner’s 10th year Anniversary!

EHBB introduced “Evolutionary Humanism” to PATAS and it has been dominant from what the LOGOS Project is doing. They have been our PATAS project supporters. PATAS would like to thank EHBB for their never-ending support and partnership. Please visit their website to know more about Evolutionary Humanism.