by Justin Minoru Leachon Luna

Homo sapiens (Latin: “wise man”) is the binomial nomenclature (also known as the scientific name) for the human species.

A product of eons of evolutionary process. What we are today. A universe of atoms. A product of wreckage of the stars.

Capable of loving; capable of learning; capable of transcending. Responsible for Scientific improvement—rational, logical, thinking. Developed lots of things for the ease of everything… though there are problems that are not included in that ease of everything aforementioned—we seek, we try, and in the end pursues—grasping on the probability of decoding each and every problem that comes our way—making it a possibility; making it happen. Our brains are capable of doing extreme wonders other species can not… each synapse, every process—electronic signals passed on; each neuron.

The top of the food pyramid as some do say.
The proponent of agriculture.

Technology is just at our hand’s reach, as we—human-beings, engineered; created; developed; optimized… though we’ve got a long road to travel. Our Science is but at its infant stage, we’ve got a long road to travel until we finally unravel the wonders of this Universe that we are on. The Earth, a planet inside the Solar System with its orbit around the Sun; the Sun, a star inside the Solar Interstellar Neighborhood—inside the Milky Way Galaxy; the Milky Way Galaxy, a galaxy inside the Local Galactic Group—located inside the Virgo Super Cluster; the Virgo Supercluster, just a supercluster inside a group of superclusters known as the Local Superclusters—just a fragment of the Observable Universe. We’ve got a long way to go… and how many stars are there anyway? Stars like our Sun?

But we do our thing… to know more. For we are the wise man, with a gift of intelligence; a gift of hunger for wisdom.

The Universe is such an amazing mystery… but let us not go that far yet, let us not go that far yet. Let’s not look far beyond yet, but then, we shall then focus first here on our Mother Earth, where we human-beings live; where we human-beings grow; where we human beings die.

In the beginning god created the heaven and the earth… uhh duh, there is no god. To make the long story short… from Nebula to the Solar System we know today, on how this planet we are on came to be, let’s just leave the explanations to the Scientists. Too much info like, some billions of years ago, where the Solar System is now—is just a loose collection of dust and gas, then something triggered the pressure at the center of the cloud then because of that change, the cloud collapsed creating something like a disc. Then the center have this increasing pressure that reached a so powerful point, that the loosely floating Hydrogen atoms, they came into contact, fused, creating Helium, then there goes the Sun: and there was light. Then, the Sun, hungry for materials consumed almost everything from that disc… almost everything, let’s say some 99% leaving 1% for availabe for other things… and there started the formation of the planets. ^ Ahmmm, the hell am I talking about anyway? Let’s just move on to the central point, there was Earth, and all is good.

Mother Earth, provided us with necessities. Abundant with different life forms, abundant with resources, a habitable place indeed—no, it’s no intelligent design, why o why are there calamities anyway?


Natural stuff to tend the inhabitant’s needs. Oh, a paradise indeed.

We humans, as the most intelligent as of now, it’s our task to nurture the gift.

For we are the wise man.

…and human-beings destroyed Mother Earth.
…and human-beings abused the inhabitants.
…and human-beings kill each other.

We are now in a dying Earth. A planet polluted, deteriorating, dying. A wasteland created by the human themselves. Consuming the resources, not content until all’s null.

Mother Earth provides…
Our necessities are but necessary, we are all aware of that, and Mother Earth provides. But did we ever questioned how long did it take for those resources to be there in the first place? How long will it regenerate? Do they come instantaneous?

…and Mother Earth is a business.
…and Mother Earth is industry.
…and Mother Earth is corporate.

Consumerism… greed… monopoly.


As we cut down trees, leaving the forests bald… some gain from it.
As we drain our pipes of biochemical waste to the sea… some gain from it.
As we consume the fuel… some gain from it.

Could we atleast plant new trees each time we cut down some?

But we live as the superior. For we are at the top of the evolutionary chart… as some do say.

Where are the birds that long lived in those forests? As their natural habitat’s gone, majority came to extinction; don’t worry, some are trapped in cages, sold illegally; some shot dead for the hunting thrill.

Where are the tusks of the elephants? Cut down, turned into ivory saints.

We can make a change!
As we stamp our metal feet into the soil.
We can make a change!
As we enjoy deforestation. Leaving countless animals out of their natural habitat.
We can make a change!
As we mine and shave the mountains.
We can make a change!
As we extend the cities.
We can make a change!
As we blow carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emmissions… causing global warming.
We can make a change! Yes! We’ve made some change… and it’s for the worst.

And wildlife trafficking is a cool thing.

And garbage is not properly disposed…

What do you do when there is no trashcan nearby?…and you need to throw the plastic packaging of let’s say something you’ve ate… do you keep it until you find a proper place to throw it? or do you just litter anywhere?

I watched the river flow… Oh! No, it’s not flowing anymore. Stagnant, dark, grimey.

And yes, the so called Blue Planet, in the end, it’ll be the Gray Planet.

…and I wonder if this planet will last until the moment that our Science is far more advanced to explore the wonders of the Universe. At this rate, it’ll die out before that moment.

And we are the wise man.

For religion; territory; control; and resources, wars has been waged.

The wise man…

A barbaric race of primates who know how to use tools.
…and we are not the top of the food pyramid.
…and we are not the top of the evolutionary chart.

We are not superior. We are not supreme. We are all the same. Just random organisms—decaying matter.

We are but mere animals destroying this planet. Maybe it is safe to assume that human-beings, are but the worst kind of animals. A virus.

Homo sapiens
Wise man

Do we live up to our name?
Or is it just begging the question, as human labelled himself as the wise man?

So as they wave the “Human Rights” banner.