by Egie Liwaham

As a misotheist, I am commonly seen as an illogical thinker by some atheists. This is the first common misconception about us.

Atheist: “How can you hate something that doesn’t exist?”

And honestly speaking, I really think atheists should be the one to shut their mouth. Why? because as we all know, the term “god” is very subjective. And as you claim;- god doesn’t exist. So why do they still rant about it? What is the point? It’s not real according to you. We get it. Picture a classroom field with non-believers, where everyone in the room doesn’t believe in god, yet you still yell at the entire class that there is no god. Why do you do this?

All I can say is that;- As a misotheist, it is not my fault if you think that god is real.

Figuratively speaking, if you think Batman as God, does it makes sense if I would hate god instead of Batman? Without the term god, Batman won’t become god. Both will cease to exist. Wait, can the actual “hating” of something will remove a fictional semantic? A capitalist franchise and a comic brand? Of course not. Duh? I am just being artistic and expressive. I love arts, mind you.

Second misconception about misotheist is that — they are all militant atheists. Although some are really into that thing, branding every misotheist as militant is hasty generalization. Honestly, I do not give a fuck about what you choose to believe. Whether you are an atheist or a theist. You are the SJW’s and the NSJW’s of the Theology department. Fuck you to whatever you like. I am just an angsty person, so fuck-off and leave me alone. I hate fascists. And no, not all misotheists are anti-theists nor militants – some of us are anti-atheists and some prefers solemnity, enjoying silence and peace of mind. Fuck-off.

Third misconception is that misotheists acknowledges the existence of god. I’ll be damned as whoever thinks this way means that they haven’t read enough and could not distinguish between misotheism and dystheism. Hating god as a lexicon is misotheism. On the otherhand, dystheism is the hatred of an existing god (specific) for any moral reasons or what have you. Misotheism is just a plain hatred of god. Nothing follows. Misotheists thinks they do not need to explain themselves to anyone. They harm no one. They simply hate god. And love writing poems, movies, and other arts such as the “Prometheus Unbound by Percy Shelley”, “Dr. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley”, “Prometheus by Goethe”, “Absurdism of Sisyphus by Camus”, “Apparently with No Surprise by Emily Dickinson”, “The Bible According to Mark Twain: Writings on Heaven, Eden, and the Flood”, “The Trial of God by Ellie”, “Fame by Alan Parker”, “The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie”, “The Greenman by Amis”, “Evensong by Lester Del Rey”, “Starmaker by Lovecraft and Stapledon”, “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice by DC Extended Universe”, “Dear God by XTC”, “Prayer in C by Lily Wood and The Prick”, “Thus Spoke Zarathustra and Thus Spoke Zombiethustra by Neitzsche”, and many more to mention.

Without misotheism, you won’t have these amazing songs, poems, arts, stage plays, movies, hot topics, comics, and many more.

So before you critic a misotheist, please make sure that you really practice skepticism.