by Regie Passion

Of Love and Music was the theme for PATAS Year-end Celebration 2019. As the saying goes, “There’s light at the end of the tunnel”.

The long hiatus is over. The most active atheist advocacy group is getting back at its feet again. More than 70 members attended the celebration and supported the cause of the Organization.

The celebration also served as a vehicle to raise funds for its flagship project called “The Logos Project” where supplemental courses, supported by DEPED and Local Government Unit, are being offered to secondary level in participating public schools.

Seven amazing bands performed in this event. Recognition and awards were given to our heroic volunteers who greatly contributed to the cause of the organization. An inspiring speech was also delivered by Thomas Fleckner and Kuya Manzano.

The Organization was able to give Freebies like condoms and lubricants since it is also an advocate of HIV – AIDS awareness campaign.

Camaraderie and Friendship was clearly in the air. Of Love and Music unified us all. Cheers to a secular 2020!

Donations are still accepted, and will be used to sustain the flagship project of PATAS called “The Logos Project”