Welcome to the PATAS Weekly show page. Here you will find information about how to call into the show, information about the show, and the show archives can be found here.

About PATAS Weekly

PATAS Weekly is a weekly webshow streamed live on Facebook, every Saturday from 6PM to 8PM PHT. We are hosted by Benjamin Maisonet, with a selection of co-hosts who join us every week to talk about their own topics, or respond to callers in their own unique voice. We believe in giving everyone a platform to speak their mind. The purpose of the show is to ask everyone what they believe and why, promote the separation of religion and government, and promote positive atheist culture.

How to Call the Show


Interested in calling into our live show? Join us every Saturday, from 6PM to 8PM!

Step 1: Have a Discord account

Step 2: Wait for 30 minutes before the show to begin and join the “CALLER ON HOLD” channel under “:o: Live Show :o:”.

Step 3: Our call screener(s) will begin asking you what you would like to talk about, including your name and whether you’re an atheist or theist

Step 4a: Once screened, they will place you into the “SCREENED CALLERS” channel.

Step 4b: Wait for your turn to be asked to join the call by the host (we can’t promise to answer everyone’s call)

Step 5: Once on the live show, ensure that you have muted our live stream, and you are wearing headphones

Step 6: Enjoy and talk about your topic and/or anything the host asks you!



► Our show theme is always “tell us what you believe and why you believe it”.
► Your call doesn’t necessarily have to be on the topic of the initial discussion (if there was one).
► You can always change your topic prior to joining the live stream with the host. You’re not bound to your initial topic.
► Be fair to the host, and they will be fair to you.