Interested in calling into our live show? Join us every Saturday, from 6PM to 8PM!

Step 1: Have a Discord account

Step 2: Wait for 30 minutes before the show to begin and join the “CALLER ON HOLD” channel under “:o: Live Show :o:”.

Step 3: Our call screener(s) will begin asking you what you would like to talk about, including your name and whether you’re an atheist or theist

Step 4a: Once screened, they will place you into the “SCREENED CALLERS” channel.

Step 4b: Wait for your turn to be asked to join the call by the host (we can’t promise to answer everyone’s call)

Step 5: Once on the live show, ensure that you have muted our live stream, and you are wearing headphones

Step 6: Enjoy and talk about your topic and/or anything the host asks you!



► Our show theme is always “tell us what you believe and why you believe it”.
► Your call doesn’t necessarily have to be on the topic of the initial discussion (if there was one).
► You can always change your topic prior to joining the live stream with the host. You’re not bound to your initial topic.
► Be fair to the host, and they will be fair to you. Otherwise, expect to get sh*t flung your way and get hung up on.