Date Issued:
March 23, 2019

My Beloved Countrymen and Honorable Officers,

Warm greetings!

Hope everyone is safe and is in good health.

Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, our SEC-registered organization would like to recommend the following for LGUs and IATF based on our independent findings:

1. LGUs must assess their funding capability and be transparent about them. Release the calamity fund and other savings if need be.

2. Prioritize the release of essential relief goods and needs especially food pack ie rice sacks for each family that would at least last for two weeks, if possible, given the available resources after thorough assessment is done

3. Create divided isolation tents/beds in advance for each municipality for PUMs who will agree to be quarantined away from home and in order to be prepared just in case a sudden influx of symptomatic patients will test positive (coordinate with apartelles/motels/hotels, transient houses, and lodging facilities for potential conversion to quarantine/isolation building and temporary makeshift healthcare areas once local transmissions eventually become more prevalent, overwhelming legitimate healthcare facilities

4. Rent/lease some of the public utility vehicles such as e-trikes and mini buses for the use of healthcare workers, medical patients undergoing essential therapy, etc (this provides temporary income for certain transport workers while serving the needs of constituents); while provide the rest with basic allowances (the numbers of vehicles will depend on the assessment of how many are needed; the more, the better)

5. If necessary (after resource or budget assessment), create means to crowdsource extra funding via Income Generating Project, Donation drives, etc.

6. Create partnerships with NGOs like Red Cross in order to maximize the resources to serve the constituents

7. Create a skeletal body, committees, and the likes in order to organize the things needed to be done

8. Make a transparent dealing with the procurement of goods to avoid corruption. Official receipts can be posted/consolidated on social media pages. The template/framework can already be requested from certain local municipalities like Pasig and Naga City for a creation of parallel ordinance

9. Expedite the procurement of testing kits if possible. Collaborate with credible research bodies for clinical trials of approved drugs/treatment parallel to pioneering countries having done the same, in line with WHO standards (patients or their family may participate in the drug trials FOR FREE, by signing waivers on medical risks)

10. Expedite the bidding and procurement of necessary goods, supplies, etc. that will likely be needed by the LGUs.

11. Collaborate with local health workers, experts, sectoral representatives, referred knowledgeable volunteers, etc at least via group video conference (for social distancing) to gather more recommendatory reports and other relevant notes

12. Gather suggestions of citizens at least online. Release relevant contact details and a centralized series of contact numbers to call for general inquiry. General contact service must be made available for 24 hours and be manned by at least but not limited to two persons per shift in each municipality for various inquiries. Calls or texts may be redirected to other agencies like DOH or PNP depending on the nature of the report.

13. Share info with other LGUs about their respective actions, and exchange recommendations if possible

14. Recognize the criticisms, suggestions, etc and compile them for pre-mid and post assessment

15. Call the accredited media if any circumstantial info (problem or accomplishment) is needed to be publicized/disseminated Any reference/evidence of our recommendations will only be available upon request.

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