Dear PATAS Members,

As we say goodbye to 2019 and welcome 2020, I would like to greet you all a Happy New Year!

First, please allow me to apologize for the long hiatus of PATAS in between late 2017 to 2018. Rest assured that we did a root-cause analysis (RCA) about this mishap and we learned a lot from it. We have identified its strengths, weaknesses, gaps, errors, threats, and opportunities. It was a gloomy dark age for PATAS. And to share with you all, here are some opportunities we have during those years– we failed to acknowledge our old PATAS IT department for their fruits of labor thus specifically in creating the defaced 2017 website, we failed to get proper financial revenues, we failed to be more pro-active in providing different or various programs and projects, we failed to serve the community in setting up monthly meet-ups, and we failed to promote secularism to its maximum capabilities. These are just some of it. But now that we have identified these gaps, we promise that this will not happen again. As a saying goes, “What defines us is how well we rise”.

Shedding tears over missed opportunities of the year gone by might cloud your vision and may cause you to miss out on opportunities of the present. So, let us make sure to wipe these tears from our eyes and keep moving forward for this new year: 2020.

For something that came from hiatus, 2019 was a very big year for us. Here’s a quick recap of the activities that we had:

1. “Unity in Diversity” Partnerships – Here are the groups that we had a partnership with before the year 2019 closed: Recovering from Religion (USA), Secular Therapy (USA), EHBB (Germany), ProPH (PH), Better Philippines (PH), and lgbtBUS (PH).
2. LOGOS Project – Was introduced by one of our partners – Better Philippines, created by Ms. Jahziel Tyco Ferrer. Happened last September and October 2019.
3. Re-organization of officers – PATAS Reconstitution and SEC Registration.
4. PATAS General Assembly – PATAS announcement of new officers.
5. Logos Fundraising Event – Headed by Mr. Riel Narrajos under Roku-ju Productions which had the banner “Stop the Plague”.
6. Know Your Status Fun Run – Headed by Mx. Regie Pasion as an HIV AIDS awareness campaign. Materialized last November 24, 2019.
7. Year-End Celebration – Hosted by PATAS PR Mr. John Eric Santos which had the banner “Of Love and Music”.
Second, on behalf of the PATAS officers, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in this group – for your relentless support. Without you, these mobilities will not be possible. You, our members, are the most important part of this group. Without you, PATAS will not move and grow. You – the atheists, the agnostics, and the secularists – serve as our inspiration to move forward and further our cause. We aim to serve you even better this 2020.

Special thanks to Ms. Jahziel Tayco Ferrer for her ultimate project: “LOGOS Project”.

Thank you to Mr. Jeffrey Trinidad. The LOGOS Project will not be possible if it were not through the cooperation of DepEd Marikina.

Thank you to ex-DepED superintendent Mr. Joel Torrecampo for the LOGOS Project endorsement.

Thank you to Ms. Jhoana Hicap for heading and teaching the first-ever session of the LOGOS Project for the Well-being Course/Anti-bullying Campaign which happened on the 21st of September 2019 at the Sta. Elena Highschool. Also, thank you to Dr. Honey Fernando and Marikina CHO – Ms. Queniee Laurel Mendoza – for heading and teaching the HIV-AIDS Awareness of the LOGOS Project on the same date. Over 100 students participated on that day. Unforgettable.

Thank you to Honorable Doc Marion Andres. It was an honor for PATAS as the LOGOS Project launching was introduced by the vice-mayor of Marikina.

Thank you to Mr. Arfel Tayona for heading and teaching the LOGOS Project for the Recycling Course on the 28th of September 2019 in Marikina Heights Highschool. Thank you to Marikina Height Highschool principal Ms. Imelda Orvida for making this possible.

Thank you, Mx. Regie Pasion of lgbtBUS for the HIV-AIDS Awareness Programs including the Marikina’s Known Your Status Fun Run that happened last November 25, 2019, also for the free condoms and lubricants every meet-up. Thank you for your never-ending support and all your great contributions to PATAS.

Thank you to our honorable Marikina Mayor Marcelino Teodoro for supporting the “Know Your Status Fun Run”.

Thank you to Mr. Benjamin Maisonet for providing us a 2-year website.

Thank you to Mr. Riel Najarros for his fundraising events under Roku-ju Productions.

Thank you to Ms. Marinella Reyes and Mr. Jerwin Candido for their never-ending manpower support.

Thank you to Mr. John Eric Santos for hosting our Year-end celebration, for the second time.

Thank you to Mr. Marco Mendoza for his donations for the LOGOS Project.

Thank you to Mr. Bobby Olarte of ProPH for his support and partnership with us for the LOGOS project.

Thank you to our ever-supportive Mr. Andreas Mielke and Mr. Hellge Haufe for their continuous support and partnership. Thank you for introducing evolutionary humanism to us. Long-live EHBB!

Thank you to all the bands who played for us: Never Run, Eskinita, Babaylan, Wasted Chemical, Bullets & Frames, 10 a.m. Departure, Dancing on Nails, FIONA, Quantum Noise, Suspiria Pink, Solis de Luna, Mac Castelo Project, Dr. Pocket, Where the Wild Things Are., Jared Mendoza, Bayanihan Project, Ome, Zae, Lucci, and Cath.

Thank you to Ms. Nixi Santos Luna for her epic come-back.

Thank you to Mr. Antonio Carpio, the son of the late ex-mayor of Laguna. Thank you for all the hard work you put into our IDs, logos, mascot, and designs. You are the genius behind all of the PATAS digital artwork.

Thank you to all the new PATAS officers, you know who you are.

Thank you to all our PATAS Admins: Adrian Ortega, Archie Figura, Ivan Eusebio, Jaspher Aguilar, Joesel Flores, Jerwin Candido, Justin Luna, Kurt Coll, Keith Tidon, Marianne Cis, Antonio Carpio, Homar Murillo, Marinella Reyes, and Ong Lee.

Thank you to our old PATAS UPLB Alumni Mr. Keith Tidon for still being there in spite of all the hiatus.

Thank you to all the people who have helped us, and to those whom I forgot to mention – you know who you are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

PATAS would also like to express its gratitude to its group partners: ProPH headed by Mr. Bobby Olarte, Better Philippines – Ms. Tayco Ferrer, lgbtBUS – Mx. Regie Pasion, Evolutionary Humanism Berlin-Brandenburg (EHBB), and Recovering from Religion & Secular Therapy – Mr. Benjamin Maisonet.

To all volunteers, thank you for all the incredible work you do.

PATAS will be more active this coming 2020. We shall continue our advocacy in educating people through the LOGOS Project. Some of our courses are about Empathy, Science, Reason, Music, Arts, Well-being, HIV-AIDS Awareness, Evolution, and many, many more. We would like to bring courses that are not being offered by the school.
The LOGOS Project is a DepEd endorsed project that underwent rigorous scrutiny from the educational institutions, yet we have succeeded in bringing it in the masses.

Aside from the LOGOS Project, PATAS will be bringing back monthly meet-ups, dating games, art exhibit, reason rally, sports fest, and all others must-have activities for the betterment of all being and PATAS – so please, please, please participate and hope to see you all.
Sincerely yours,
Richard G. Dalida Chairman – Philippine Atheism, Agnosticism, and Secularism Inc.
Group Description: PATAS (Philippine Atheism, Agnosticism and Secularism Society, Inc.) formerly known as Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society.
PATAS is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It is a membership organization which is governed by a board of directors. It has a set of officers that performs and facilitates various activities anchored to its Mission and Vision.
We envision a society that thrives through people working together to achieve common goals.
PATAS exist in order to do the following:
● To promote the separation of church and state, and to educate the public on matters relating to atheism, agnosticism, and secularism.
● To encourage scientific inquiry and make our education system free from religious beliefs, which is based upon sound reasoning, rationality, and evidence.
● To promote freedom of thought and inquiry concerning religious beliefs, dogmas, creeds, rituals, and practices.
● To collect and disseminate information, data, and literature on all religions and promote a more thorough understanding of these subjects, their origins, and their histories.
● To develop and propagate a social philosophy in which humankind is central and must itself be the source of strength, progress, and ideals for the well-being and happiness of humanity.
● To engage in such social, educational, legal, and cultural activity as will be useful and beneficial to the members of the organization and to the society as a whole.
● To coordinate with Non-Governmental Organizations especially on humanitarian related activities.
We achieve the above-mentioned purposes through a wide range of activities including holding events and meetups, joining and facilitating discussion and debates on matters that affect people’s lives, and performing community outreach activities in education, health, and environment.
We neither espouse any political ideology nor support any political party or person. We advocate and campaign for causes that do not impinge on people’s human rights.