PATAS Inc. Public Announcement regarding Ms. Kelly Mangi/Mangi’s allegations

PATAS is aware of the incident between Kelly Mangi/Manji (a.k.a. Twinkle Imperial Mangi) and her perpetrators. As per her, she already filed an anti-bullying case against the people who are maligning her. PATAS would like to clarify that we are not judging Ms. Mangi. The incident occurred when the volunteer was on personal time and was not doing any work for PATAS and in fact, was not yet under PATAS. While PATAS is not in any way connected with the incident, PATAS does not condone misconduct and any inappropriate behavior by any of its volunteers. Her current role as chapter leader for Marinduque will be terminated in the meantime. We’ll leave it to the appropriate authorities to handle the case.

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