A Brief History of PATAS:

2011 The Philippine Atheism Agnosticism and Secularism was formerly known as The Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society. The founding father of the organization is no other than Mr. Jose Juan Paraiso who assumed the Presidency. He is acknowledged in the Philippines as the legal and sole founder of the said Organization.

2012 Mr. Kristoffer Velasco assumed the Presidency 

2014 The Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society Officers and BOT updated its SEC registration and changed the roster of leaders and Board of Trustees. Mr Yek Lai Fatt assumed the Chairmanship and Dra.Tess Termulo assumed the Presidency.

2015 Mr. Thomas Fleckner assumed the Chairmanship and Mx. Regie Pasion became the President.

2016 Mr. Gentle Signo assumed the leadership and headed the Organization as President.

2017 PATAS changed its SEC registered name to Philippine Atheism Agnosticism and Secularism.

2019 Mr. Richard Dalida was elected as the New Chairman and Miss Jhoana Hicap assumed the position of Executive Director or the CEO.


There are some entities claiming to be the founder/s of PATAS. Please be advised that the published timeline and list of Officers are the ONLY legally acknowledged leaders and ex-leaders of PATAS.

Please verify from the current leaders the names or identities of people who are claiming to be ex-officers of PATAS.

PATAS thinks about the welfare of its members and any misrepresentation of the company is subject to lawsuit.

Please report any fraud, any unauthorized asking for donation on behalf of PATAS, or misrepresentation to our Customer Service Hotline: 09175257708