Founded in February 14, 2011, the Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society is a trailblazer of critical thinking, free thought and scientific inquiry in the Philippines. With its monthly activities, the organization acts to make atheism and agnosticism known to Filipino society. We believe that every Filipino atheist and agnostic is a Promethean citizen, taking its social responsibility in line with secularism and public understanding of science.

PATAS is a social organization that provides social action to promote public understanding of atheism and agnosticism in the country. We stand for reason, science, humanism, and the secularization of our nation.


PATAS 2019 Organizational Job Description:

1) Executive Director – CEO; the role of the executive director is to design, develop and implement
strategic plans for the organization in a manner that is both cost and time-efficient. The executive
director is also responsible for the day-to-day operation of the organization, which includes managing
committees and staff as well as developing business plans in collaboration with the board. In essence,
the board grants the executive director the authority to run the organization.

2) Legislative Director – Lead Comrade; responsible for any Change Management requests such as the
constitution amendment. This includes but not limited to Regional Affairs, Sectors, and Affiliates of
organization. The Lead Comrade is involved and responsible for a Regional legislation and all others
General Assembly, convention, and interviews.

3) Project Director – Research and mobilization initiators. Responsible for project management role in
which an individual strategically oversees, find, monitors, and manages NGO projects from an executive
level. As the most responsible authority over a project, this individual is charged with managing team
members and allocated resources. Sales team should work hand in hand with the Project Director for
proper transition and project endorsements.

4) Financial Director – Oversees the finance health and responsible for removing any profit from the
revenues. Responsible in combining operational and strategic roles, manage accounting and financial
control functions, and establish a financial strategy for the revenues long-term growth of PATAS Inc.

5) Membership Director – Membership directors are responsible acquiring and maintaining
membership for main chapter and regional chapters of the organization. Among their most important
responsibilities are maintaining membership levels by outreach to potential members through
marketing techniques, the commission of advertisements, and using the Internet and social media.
Additionally, the membership director is tasked with keeping records of existing members, collecting
payment of membership dues, and addressing the concerns of members to facilitate solutions and their
continued association with the organization. Membership directors are also often in charge of budget
monitoring and maintenance. The membership director is often one of the first people with whom
prospective members come into contact, so it is vital that the director is outgoing and personable, able
to answer questions, and able to explain the benefits of membership. The membership director must
also possess the skills necessary to create and execute effective marketing and recruitment strategies.
Problem-solving skills are tested when members come to the director with concerns, and aptitude with
mathematics helps directors maintain a budget.

6) Social Media / Helpdesk Director – A director should handle the moderators and admins of the page
and public groups. Also called the Marketing Director; market and sells the entire organization,
responsible for strategic marketing analysis and revenue market stability including website
implementation, issue mitigation, and data gathering.